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FROM MODEL TO MISSIONARY  ||  My Christian Testimony

FROM MODEL TO MISSIONARY || My Christian Testimony

See the powerful christian testimony of how Jesus took me from MODEL TO MISSIONARY. God saved me from almost being a Playboy pinup and turned me into a preacher. I lived a broken life of depression, abuse, self hatred, and eating disorders, but His love and His grave set me free forever. And my story, can be YOUR story. My name is Melissa Faisst, and this is my Jesus testimony. R O N N I E & M E L // Ronnie Faisst, a freestyle motocross pioneer turned preacher. Melissa Faisst, a motocross model turned missionary. & on this channel, we are passionate about helping YOU find God & walk with Him in your daily lives! Christianity doesn't have to be complicated, it can actually be cool and we want to equip you to find your purpose & walk in your God-given destiny! To check out our channel & view our other videos, click here: Make sure to subscribe for WEEKLY tools & inspiration. We post new videos every Tuesday! Also, be sure to comment & say hello! And let us know... how can we help you find God & walk with Him in YOUR daily life! And we love seeing you interact with our resources, so connect with on social @RonnieandMel & use the hashtag #fuelingyourfaithwiththefaissts Keep going for it & we will talk soon! @RonnieandMel Links // To watch my husband, Ronnie Faisst's testimony, MOTO to MINISTRY click here: To watch how we met, click here: To take the next steps in your walk with God, click here: For more, visit our website at: Love & Blessings! Ronnie and Mel // Tags from model to missionary, model to missionary, playboy to preacher, christian testimony, my Jesus testimony, testimony, my testimony, jesus, testimony of jesus, christ, jesus christ, god, the Bible, christian, bible, christian woman, Sadie Robertson, faith, saved, salvation, from satan to Jesus, christianity, prayer, truth, +how I came to Jesus, +testimony 2018, +radical testimony 2018, proverbs 31, devil, rapture, heather lindsey, seek, how i came to know jesus, how jesus saved me, my testimony, how i became a christian, how i came to jesus, christian testimony, become a christian, melissa faisst, ronnieandmel, ronnie faisst, ronnie faisst testimony, my jesus testimony (i met the devil in a psych ward), jephvlogs, my testimony: demons to saved by jesus, nina deliz, ronnie and mel , ronnie and melissa faisst, ronnieandmel, faisst life, god, how god saved me, how i came to christ, Kassie west, converts, soulwinning, gospel, baptist, mormons, missionaries, Florida, end times productions, whitney meade, christian youtubers, christian youtuber, christian testimony of famous people, ronnie faisst wife, eating disorder story, abuse story, christian, christian testimony videos, christian salvation, salvation, my story, playboy, playboy to preacher, my testimony from hollywood to jesus, religion, christian testimonies, testimony stories, testimony videos, how jesus changed my life, my eating disorder, eating disorder recovery, bulimia story, bulimia, eating disorder, alcoholism and depression, identity in christ, how to become a christian, how to get saved, god story, christian testimonies, god stories, salvation story, salvation testimony, how i met jesus & became a christian, how i met jesus & became a christian, testimonies of meeting Jesus, jesus transformed my life
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